Write For Us

Young Men’s Nation’s magazine is dedicated to two basic things:

1. Highlighting the men in our society who are doing good work, making the right choices, and exhibiting strengths of character in the face of peers who choose the opposite.

2. Explaining, through opinion pieces and personal stories, why living a life of character is better in the long run (or explaining how NOT doing this can lead to ruin).

If you have a story idea that fits our approach, we’d love to hear from you.

All stories must be original to Young Men’s Nation. We do not consider fiction submissions, poetry, or book excerpts, and will discard submissions that are grammatically incorrect, include spelling errors or marketing links, or are self-promotional.

Before writing something for us, familiarize yourself with the following:

Send your stories to: submissions@www.youngmensnation.com

Include in your brief email the following:

  • Why your story will interest readers.
  • Your submission pasted directly into the body of the email. We don’t open attachments.

Submission is not a guarantee of publication. We can’t respond to individual emails but if we’re interested we’ll be in touch. Allow two weeks for a response.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By submitting your work, you are granting Young Men’s Nation the rights to edit, publish, and promote your work. Promotion of your work may include granting permission to other websites to reprint your work in part or in full. Your work may be re-published on other websites 48 hours after publication on YMN, provided you acknowledge any future reprints with a link to the original post at Young Men’s Nation. We will maintain the right to keep your finished post on Young Men’s Nation in perpetuity. Contributors understand they will not receive monetary compensation.