White Police Officer Recognized For Doing Good in Black Neighborhood

Sammy Brinton's good deed

Earlier this week a Philadelphia patrolman was caught on camera being awesome. While countless more people are likely to point their cameras at an officer in the midst of a physical or violent interaction with the public, one Philadelphia resident, Bernice Daniels, had the wherewithal to hit record and capture an officer being an everyday badass.

The video shows officer Sammy Brinson helping two neighborhood children load their burdensome laundry baskets into the back of his car and drive them to the laundromat down the street. In her description of the video, Daniels claims that the heartwarming exchange brought tears to her eyes. It is clear from the video that the siblings, who were struggling to carry the laundry baskets on their own were also appreciative of Officer Brinson’s act of kindness.

In a 24-hour news cycle that constantly keeps us honed in on the questionable and more dramatic actions of our nation’s police officers, it is a welcome change of pace to witness something that probably happens way more often, a policeman simply being a good guy.

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