We Came As Romans Remind Us To Just Keep Searching

We Came As Romans at festival

I’m a fan of the metal, dudes, and also of bands who sing about the aspects of human existence that are complicated and require persistence to figure out.

Enter We Came As Romans, a metalcore band from Michigan, with their song “Hope” off of their 2011 album Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be. 

Here’s a link to the video:

The full lyrics are below, but the main messages that are important here are:

1. Questions about the world around you are valid, natural, and important to keep searching for answers to, even if many people around you don’t want to. (These people will sometimes even get angry at you for forcing them to confront their unwillingness to seek answers).

2. You can change yourself for the better. It’s really hard, but it’s possible, and few people have the fortitude to stick with it. It’s easy to let yourself slide toward a worse version of yourself, and most people let that happen as time goes on, but don’t forget that you can go the other way too.

3. We all make mistakes, so drop the judgment of others who stumble, and just hold on through your own failures. It’s going to be scary at times, but you’ll get through and be stronger for it.

It’s a bit weird to see the repeated phrase “We are the one true hope.” That’s a bit narcissistic, no? Overall, however, these guys nail some important messages about life.

Below are all the lyrics condensed down a bit, with certain key phrases highlighted. If you want the full set of lyrics, go here.

Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel so wronged, like I’ve been held down.
I feel my heart like a rock, it’s sinking.
These days can get so dark, like an eclipse in the sky
But I can rise above, I can find the light.

I can run, I can change all the answers
Or what I hoped they’d be
I won’t stop, I won’t let my own questions
Fade away in my dreams
Don’t fade away

We won’t fall to our knees
We are the one true hope
So give me an answer
Are you in? Are you out?
We are the one true hope
So give me an answer
We all fall, crawl out of the fear you’re in
Don’t give up
We won’t fall to our knees
We are the one true hope
So give me an answer

Verse 2:
Stand up, you have a voice to be heard

You’re worth more than words
Don’t let your fire burn out!
Your flame will be lit again
When your candles burnt at both ends
And there’s nothing left

You can change, you can become selfless
You’re not set in stone
You will wade through mistakes that we all make
But just hold on

We are the one true hope!
We are the one true hope!



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