Donald Trump: The Degradation of Integrity In America 

Donald Trump finger point

Just to summarize, a significant portion of the American population is now enthusiastically in support of a man who:

Openly bullies and mocks women and the disabled

Makes blatantly racist and sexist remarks

Threatens entire populations of people based on their race, religion, and nationality

Demeans or insults anyone who disagrees with him

Admires violence and encourages his followers to attack protesters

Threatens to murder innocent people

Uses scare tactics in attempt to persuade others

Is hesitant to condemn the KKK

Refuses to apologize when he makes a mistake – which occur almost daily.

Makes endless excuses for his numerous failed business enterprises.

Makes disturbingly sexual comments about his own daughter

Makes his supporters pledge their allegiance

Cusses and lies nearly every time he speaks publicly

Perhaps most terrifying is that this abomination of a human being is now publicly backed by a current US senator, four current US representatives, and two state governors. Not an outpouring of support, thankfully, but nevertheless it is disturbing that anyone finds anything even remotely presidential in this person.

Why is this man’s total lack of character not at the very center of this national conversation? His opponents, newscasters, print journalists, and debate moderators seem fast to dismantle his rhetoric (probably because it is so easy), question his political experience and criticize his policy (again, easy), and embarrass his followers, but where is the outrage at his person? His integrity? His ethics?

This is a man who has the emotional stability of a grumpy toddler — the composure and professionalism of a middle school bully. Those who oppose him and despise him, do so for the wrong reasons. Be damned your party affiliations, your bogus red-state/blue-state loyalties. Regardless of politics, first and foremost, a leader should have a strong moral center, a personal code to guide his ambitions, a sense of humility, and an appreciation and respect for compassion, intellectual growth, and social cohesion. Instead, haunting our national discourse we have a mewling windbag spewing hate and fear, and too few people telling him no.

The degradation of integrity in America has come to be captured in a single word. Trump. We have allowed this type of outlandish and childish behavior from our celebrities and our athletes, our pop stars and even our more minor politicians, but now we risk allowing it to creep into the oval office and forever stain our political and social landscape. Somewhere behind all the stump speeches and phony outrage and the disgraceful mask that has come to cover the face of American politics, there must be something of substance, some meaning.founded in the most basic sense of morality.  Behind all of this must be something human.

I fear not for the presidency, but for the character of our country.

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