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Donald Trump: The Degradation of Integrity In America 

Donald Trump finger point

Just to summarize, a significant portion of the American population is now enthusiastically in support of a man who: Openly bullies and mocks women and the disabled Makes blatantly racist and sexist remarks Threatens entire populations of people based on their race, religion, and nationality Demeans or insults anyone who disagrees with him Admires violence…

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“Men Are Just Like Drugs” and Other Terrible Comparisons To Not Listen To

In today’s media-saturated world, everyone must keep a sharp eye on the messages being fed to them. Sorting out the negative messages from the positive messages is an active and ongoing endeavor. For guys, the negative messages floating around are sometimes hard to spot, and even more difficult to interpret. Putting men down as a group has become commonplace and acceptable. When clumped together as a single entity, men are often presented as violent, clumsy, uneducated fools with only one thing on their minds. Strangely enough, the undermining of men is often done in the name of empowering women. Take, for example, the post from the women column of online magazine Elite Daily, “Why Men Are Exactly Like Drugs.”

The author of this article lists twenty-six comparisons between men and drugs. With inspired insight such as: 

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Liberty Mutual’s Subtle Messaging About Supposed Male Idiocy

A TV commercial to take a close look at: Liberty Mutual Insurance’s latest spot in its “Humans” series. Notice how only males are being idiots in this clip and women are “cleaning up the mess.” This is a common message sent in a lot of TV ads that’s harmful not only to us guys but also to women and girls who don’t want to be characterized as having to mother all men…

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Risk-Taking Celebrities Only Seem Awesome Because They Haven’t Died Yet

Anthony Kiedis. He’s known as the quintessential bad boy, drugged-out rockstar. And his memoir, Scar Tissue, that came out in 2004, was a huge New York Times bestseller, probably because it detailed his ridiculous life and all the shocking stuff he put himself through, including being addicted to heroin and almost being killed by Mexican drug dealers. 

But the dangerous thing here is that the book seems to be sold as evidence that living a crazy life focused only on the pursuit of pleasure is somehow without consequences. Wrong…

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