Don’t Be Ashamed of Taking Antidepressants; They Changed My Life

Sad Faced Placard Man

I’m 38 years old (as of September 2017). I’ve been seeing a therapist every week since 2010 and I can safely say that I’m finally the man I always wanted to be largely because I’ve been in therapy. A big part of my transformation, however, has come because I’ve also taken antidepressant medication concurrently over…

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Tough and Priceless Lessons to Learn From Your Father

Father and Son in Car

When my first child was born, I remember looking at her tiny, helpless body wanting desperately to be able to protect her from every physical and environmental influence society would throw at her. As she grew and began soaking in elements of the world and developing habits—some positive and some I didn’t approve of—I realized…

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Taking Responsibility For My ADHD

What am I doing? Yusef, stop. Control yourself. Don’t do that…Why did I do that? The following day or so everyone else was asking me the same questions; first my teacher, then the secretary, then the principal, then my mom, and finally, my useless psychiatrist. This cycle repeated every week with the incidents getting more…

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Life Is Not Easy

A poem from a high school principal telling us no matter how much privilege we have as men, life’s still gonna suck sometimes. So what are you going to do about it?

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Financial Illiteracy, Or, The Ridiculousness of Student Loan Debt

The following is an excerpt from a forthcoming book by YMN Co-Founder, Matthew Branch. The Dark Side of the Diploma explores the disillusionment of American youth who pursue a college degree with high expectations and big dreams, only to leave with the lingering question: “What now?”  To follow the project’s progress, go to his personal…

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To Pursue Happiness, Learn From Dogs

dog sitting outside

“Many schools [of sword fighting] teach a man cutting grip, a defensive grip, and a stabbing grip… this is false, there is only the one grip. I dislike fixedness in the grip. Fixedness is a dead hand. Pliability is a living hand.” – Miyamoto Mushashi, The Book of the Five Rings, 1645. Many people will attempt…

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The Dalai Lama Reminds Us Sadness Never Really Goes Away

Everything is complicated in life. Everything. Which is why the Buddha’s first Noble Truth was “life is suffering.” Because either you admit that everything is extremely complicated, which means there’s no easy answers, and therefore you have to work really hard to live a life of meaning and quality (suffering) or you deny that this is the case, try to live as if everything was black and white, and then you find that it constantly backfires in your face and hurts people and yourself (suffering). There’s no way out…

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We Came As Romans Remind Us To Just Keep Searching

We Came As Romans at festival

I’m a fan of the metal, dudes, and also of bands who sing about the aspects of human existence that are complicated and require persistence to figure out. Enter We Came As Romans, a metalcore band from Michigan, with their song “Hope” off of their 2011 album Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be.  Here’s a link to…

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