Now THIS Is How You Respond To Road Rage

Arizona road rage incident

We have all experienced road rage in one form or another. Something about traffic, red lights, and the presumed safety of being locked inside our own cars brings out the worst in many people, as it did with the 51 year old driver in the video below. Road rage is nothing new.

What’s new is how our Everyday Badass deals with this situation. He has every reason to pummel his attacker into the pavement, but instead chooses to demonstrate true character. He subdues the man and teaches him a different kind of lesson.

This man deserves a medal. Even after being assaulted multiple times by an infuriated driver; even after being pulled from his motorcycle, and even after the enraged driver shoves his girlfriend, this guy handles the situation with class.

In the video, the motorcyclist can be heard telling his attacker,  “I did nothing to you… How old are you? Shouldn’t you know by now that is not what you do?”

He should know. We all should know. Thank you, unsuspecting motorcyclist, for keeping your cool and showing the world that young men can stick to their virtues and make honorable decisions in difficult situations.

(Here’s some more good commentary on the relatively measured response this motorcyclist gave in response to outright physical violence toward him and his fellow rider.)

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