We are experienced educators, technology and neuroscience evangelists, and budding moral philosophers on a mission to change the trajectories of young men on a massive scale. We care deeply for kids and believe they deserve both the truth and the best adults can give.

BEN KEELER  | Founder & Chief Strategist

Ben has spent over 15 years in school-based roles as an administrator, teacher, coach and mentor. He spent eight years teaching and coaching in Washington, DC and the United Arab Emirates before earning his Masters in Education at Harvard in a self-designed program studying the social, emotional and moral development of young men.

He then spent five years at an education consulting startup developing smartphone-based tools to collect data on attitudes, behavior and character over time. He co-developed a 25-hour male leadership curriculum with YMN’s Matthew Branch, assisted for four years with a Harvard research project investigating ethical behavior in college students’ romantic relationships, and has worked since 2010 to build the mentoring program at a Boston-area charter school.

MATTHEW BRANCH  | CEO & Chief Academic Officer

Matthew Branch is an avid outdoorsman, an Eagle Scout, and a former wild land firefighter. He has been working with youth in and outside of the classroom for over a decade as a coach, mentor, tutor, and teacher. Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree in literature and a Master’s degree in education from the University of California at Santa Cruz. More recently, he spent two years living and studying in Boston, Massachusetts where he earned a Master’s degree in writing and publishing from Emerson College and met YMN’s co-founder Ben Keeler. Together they developed a 25-hour male leadership curriculum and founded Young Men’s Nation.

Matt teaches 8th grade Language Arts at a charter school in East San Jose, California.

WILL VITALEChief of Product & Evaluation

Will’s background is in the intersection between education and psychology, and he is always looking for new opportunities to help kids and teenagers discover their strengths and passions. Will first met Ben and Matt while working as an instructor in Boston after completing a M.Ed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  When he's not at work, Will can be found climbing rocks, writing songs, or worrying about the 49er's quarterback situation.

RYAN INGRAM | Chief of Branding, Marketing & Outreach

R. A. Ingram is a San Jose, CA native with a passion for social justice and the arts. He is an educator and artist who crafts stories with the goal of empowering young people. His ultimate goal is to make waves in the YA Fiction genre by writing stories that empower youth of color by creating characters who look, feel, and think like they do.


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