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Tell Peyton Manning and Volkswagen: Dishonesty Always Catches Up To You

Peyton Manning

As the Peyton Manning and University of Tennessee sexual assault scandal continues to gather momentum after Super Bowl 50, I think it’s time we address a simple little law of living with other human beings in society: Dishonesty only works in the short-term.  It makes sense, and aren’t you glad of it? Try living amongst other people…

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WaPo Journalist Smacks Childish NFL Players Upside The Head With Man Wisdom

Colby King Washington Post

Colbert I. King, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Washington Post, wrote a brief yet striking opinion piece this past Friday about why he’s not looking forward to the upcoming NFL football season.

What we loved was how this badass former everything (Army officer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department, Executive Director to the World Bank, and did we mention he won a Pulitzer?) just flat out took these young players to task for being unnecessarily narcissistic and immature.

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NFL Player Brendon Ayanbadejo Defines His Own Version of Manhood

Wikipedia excerpt: “Oladele Brendon Ayanbadejo (/ˈbrɛndən ˌaɪ.ənbəˈdeɪʒoʊ/; born September 6, 1976) is an American football linebacker of the National Football League (NFL) who is currently a free agent. He was signed by the Atlanta Falcons as an undrafted free agent in 1999. He played college football for the UCLA Bruins.” I’ll let the awesome Rosalind Wiseman (author of Queen Bees and Wannabees, that got made into a movie you’ve…

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