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Tell Peyton Manning and Volkswagen: Dishonesty Always Catches Up To You

Peyton Manning

As the Peyton Manning and University of Tennessee sexual assault scandal continues to gather momentum after Super Bowl 50, I think it’s time we address a simple little law of living with other human beings in society: Dishonesty only works in the short-term.  It makes sense, and aren’t you glad of it? Try living amongst other people…

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The Art of Honorable Discourse

Every act of communication we have works to either build or tear down a relationship. It takes little time to make an impression and serious commitment to maintain a positive one. You have the power to choose the impressions you leave on others. Civil discourse and friendly conversation help to positively shape our identities. Similarly, crass language and lackluster communication sticks to our reputation like old gum. Our words often carry more power than we ascribe them. 

As you grow older, you will come to realize that you are responsible for other people’s opinions of you. Keeping an eye on how you converse with others will help you protect your reputation, develop your shortcomings, and own your words. Despite your best efforts, you don’t always say exactly what you mean. Nobody does. Luckily, there are tricks to help us keep our values aligned with the words we allow to escape our mouths…

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