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Don’t Be Ashamed of Taking Antidepressants; They Changed My Life

Sad Faced Placard Man

I’m 38 years old (as of September 2017). I’ve been seeing a therapist every week since 2010 and I can safely say that I’m finally the man I always wanted to be largely because I’ve been in therapy. A big part of my transformation, however, has come because I’ve also taken antidepressant medication concurrently over…

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Thanks Nada Surf: Read These Five Words Any Time You’re Down

There’s a band called Nada Surf who had a couple of radio hits in the 90’s, including “Popular” that you may still hear once in a while on the radio or on some 90’s alternative rock playlist on Spotify. They kept soldiering on, though, and in 2004 released an album called “The Weight Is a Gift.” The weight is a…

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