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How Mothers Teach Their Boys to Treat All Women with Respect

mother and son walking

Love or hate them, several powerful men (e.g. Stephen Colbert, Kanye West, Anderson Cooper, etc.) have made memorable public tributes of love to their mothers, giving them credit for the men they became. It got me thinking about my own mother and her role in shaping my character. Now that I’m a husband and father,…

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Conscientiousness: The Key To Pretty Much Everything

Diligent notetaker

Conscientiousness: you’ve probably heard the term, and you probably have some idea of what it means (maybe even a very good idea).  It’s one of the Big Five personality traits, and it’s received increasing attention over the last decade(s) from not only personality researchers, but also from experts in business, economics, and education.   Conscientiousness…

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