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Obscure, Hairy Rockstar Tells You To Just Decide Already

We’ve discussed this before on the site, but it’s worth mentioning again and again: Our life is just a series of choices. Even not choosing is a choice. When we choose one thing, we miss out on others. That’s a fact of life.

But there’s a way to view a choice we’ve made as not simply a loss of other options. Thinking like that’s going to leave you on the fence, hesitating and wondering and blaming yourself for not making the “right” or “best” choice. This might happen in your choice of college (it’s not prestigious enough, it’s not enough of a party school, it’s not serious enough academically), choice of girlfriend (her butt’s too big, her butt’s too small, she’s too nice, she’s too self-centered, she’s too _____ or not enough ____), or choice of job once you graduate from high school or college. But what if there is no “right” choice?

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