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In Defense of Tenacity

Jackie Chan speaking

Everyone has at least one favorite Jackie Chan movie. I have two: Drunken Master (1978) and Rush Hour (1998). My wife’s favorite is Shanghai Noon (2000), and I’m sure you can think of a ton of other films he’s been in. The thing about Jackie Chan is, he is a beast when it comes to output.…

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Manual Work Will Make You A Better Person (And Man)

Will Dawson, author

“Growing into an XY Chromosomal Pair in the 21st Century” Being a “man” today is an incredibly difficult goal to achieve. A sound argument can be made that this is one of the most difficult times to grow up as a man in history. Not because your life is difficult, I assure you, if you’re…

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Stop Chasing The Wrong Things

Recently I came across my varsity basketball team photo hanging in the hallway of my old high school. Looking at my cocky, 18-year-old self with medals draped around his neck, I thought about how blind and sheltered I’d been. 

Like most young men at that age about to graduate from high school, I thought I had it all figured out.  I was destined to be successful and have all the “important” things in life.  I was athletic, spent my time with the “popular” kids, and had all the attention I could want from girls. What I didn’t realize was that I was chasing the wrong things. 

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