Success Is What You Do

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Success is rarely a surprise. It isn’t something that just happens to you. When you achieve any measure of success it should always match or exceed an expectation that you set for yourself. A successful individual is someone who takes a calculated approach to all that they do.

A Successful Person…

…starts with setting very clear and demanding goals for themselves. They know what they want and when they want it.
…creates a plan of action that helps them reach their goal in small steps. They have a singular focus on what they want so these action steps require a ton of sacrifice. They may have to give up a lot of time, money, energy, and even friendships/relationships in order to execute their plan of action.
…tracks their progress and adjusts what they are doing depending on how well they are meeting the smaller goals in their plan of action. This process of self-assessment helps the successful person decide how they should align their actions to their position in the process. If they find that they are not meeting their goals then they adjust and work harder to get back on track.
…goes right back to the drawing board when they achieve success. They see how they can attain more success by setting an even loftier goal. They use the knowledge gained through success and failure in their last plan to make sure that they have repeated and even greater success.

In order to execute these steps you have to build mental and physical toughness by keeping your mind and body active.

This is the recipe that every truly successful person follows. Success is not merely the attainment of money, notoriety, or material things (although those things come along with it) success is a set of habits that guarantee growth and positive outcomes for anyone who can consistently practice these habits.

The most challenging part of success is sacrifice. The key to sacrifice is to identify the things that you will “settle for.” Once you do this you have to label those things that you will settle for as obstacles. For some these obstacles are friendships, others it is napping, others it is food, or video games, the list goes on and is unique to every individual. Those obstacles will not make you successful, your ability to forego those things when you are working toward a goal will make you successful.

About Ryan Ingram

R. A. Ingram is a San Jose, CA native with a passion for social justice and the arts. He is an educator and artist who crafts stories with the goal of empowering young people. His ultimate goal is to make waves in the YA Fiction genre by writing stories that empower youth of color. His debut novel, "13 and Some Change," follows Keith Williams through the ups and downs of being black in the Bay Area.

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