Run The Jewels Drop Man Knowledge On Relationships, Love


Not only are Run The Jewels one of the most badass hip hop duos around right now, they’re two men who show us how to be masculine and confident while also being honest, vulnerable and caring. It’s totally possible, and we’re going to say that over and over at YMN until you finally get it.

This is a video from Rookie, an online magazine for teen girls that we like a lot over here at YMN, so the questions they respond to may not entirely relate to your experiences so far, but read below some choice quotes that apply just as much to us as they do to the ladies…

Question: “I think I might be in love with one of my close friends. How do I know if I’m in love with him or just naive?”

Killer Mike:

“Don’t love someone who doesn’t love you back.”

“If any love starts to make you feel bad, definitely pull away from it.”

“You’re 13, so this will probably be the first of many loves, so love honestly, love hard, and don’t lose yourself loving somebody.”

Question: “I really like this guy but I think he may like me. How can I drop hints?”


“Women know themselves earlier than men do. We literally will not pick up signals or giving off anything other than friendship unless you just say it, often because we’re not confident, especially when we’re in our teens. We’re not as confident as we ultimately become as adults.”


Question: “How do I get over a person who I really like romantically but I have no chance with because he’s in a committed relationship?”

Killer Mike:

“First of all, you’re totally doing the right thing by not being the other girl or being the girl that breaks up a decent relationship… Because a lot of people are really selfish and just want what they want and they’re willing to destroy someone else’s relationship.”

“You obviously care deeply because you cared about this guy who’s unavailable, but take all that care and give it to yourself first, ’cause you gotta love yourself, and then find someone else to share it with.”


“Sometimes we want things we can’t have. We put them on a pedestal and we imagine that they’re the situation that is escaping us that it’s more important than it really is. The fact of the matter is that you deserve to experience something that’s open, that’s real, and that’s available.”

“The taboo, the ‘naughtiness’ of breaking a rule or doing something that seems very passionate because it’s forbidden, that wears off. And then ultimately what you have is a situation wear you actually could get hurt, and the other person could get hurt, and other people besides you two could get hurt.”


Question: “I’ve had a huge crush on a guy for a while, but I’m not sure it’s a good thing to date him because he’s 20 and I’m 14.”


“One thing about being in a (healthy) relationship with somebody is that there’s not this crazy imbalance of power.

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