What You Really Need To Know About The Kaepernick Situation

Only in a country overly lauded for pride in its freedoms can a young man make a peaceful statement about an undebatable injustice during a sports game and be condemned by millions. Here are the simple facts. Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the 49ers, has been sitting out the national anthem during games. A picture of…

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Taking Responsibility For My ADHD

What am I doing? Yusef, stop. Control yourself. Don’t do that…Why did I do that? The following day or so everyone else was asking me the same questions; first my teacher, then the secretary, then the principal, then my mom, and finally, my useless psychiatrist. This cycle repeated every week with the incidents getting more…

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Life Is Not Easy

A poem from a high school principal telling us no matter how much privilege we have as men, life’s still gonna suck sometimes. So what are you going to do about it?

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Donald Trump: The Degradation of Integrity In America 

Donald Trump finger point

Just to summarize, a significant portion of the American population is now enthusiastically in support of a man who: Openly bullies and mocks women and the disabled Makes blatantly racist and sexist remarks Threatens entire populations of people based on their race, religion, and nationality Demeans or insults anyone who disagrees with him Admires violence…

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Financial Illiteracy, Or, The Ridiculousness of Student Loan Debt

The following is an excerpt from a forthcoming book by YMN Co-Founder, Matthew Branch. The Dark Side of the Diploma explores the disillusionment of American youth who pursue a college degree with high expectations and big dreams, only to leave with the lingering question: “What now?”  To follow the project’s progress, go to his personal…

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Tell Peyton Manning and Volkswagen: Dishonesty Always Catches Up To You

Peyton Manning

As the Peyton Manning and University of Tennessee sexual assault scandal continues to gather momentum after Super Bowl 50, I think it’s time we address a simple little law of living with other human beings in society: Dishonesty only works in the short-term.  It makes sense, and aren’t you glad of it? Try living amongst other people…

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A Quick Guide To “Having Integrity”


What does “having integrity” actually mean? I suspect you guys can’t answer that question very easily. Not to worry, because I imagine most adults much older than you can’t either. Dictionary definitions usually mention something to the effect of being honest and “firmly adhering to sound moral principles.” Wha? Let’s get practical here. It’s easy to…

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