Liberty Mutual’s Subtle Messaging About Supposed Male Idiocy

A TV commercial to take a close look at: Liberty Mutual Insurance’s latest spot in its “Humans” series. Notice how only males are being idiots in this clip and women are “cleaning up the mess.” This is a common message sent in a lot of TV ads that’s harmful not only to us guys but also to women and girls who don’t want to be characterized as having to mother all men.

Based on the other ads in the series that have an equal balance of men and women screwing up, they probably didn’t intend to send this message, but it’s good to be aware of this stuff.

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Ben is the founder of YMN, a former teacher and coach, and an unabashed baseball fanatic. Go Nats!

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CJ Riden
CJ Riden

From a marketing viewpoint, I think it’s worth mentioning that this commercial was most likely written for a spot during sports shows/television. The fact that it was comprised entirely of men reflects the issue that men dominate popular sports entertainment, not that men are dumb. Liberty Mutual wanted to convey the message that sports sometimes leads to accidents like what we see in this commercial. Unfortunately, the popular sports networks that would air this commercial are predominantly viewed by men, and it therefore simply makes more sense to use men as examples than women, because that’s the audience.

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