We're launching a pilot program in a small number of middle schools in the 2016-17 school year across the United States. Each school who joins the pilot program will need at least one dedicated staff member to facilitate weekly after school lessons with the boys who sign up.

The pilot program will consist of:

  • Weekly online lessons, including an intro video clip, discussion questions and a Weekly Challenge.
  • Student semi-anonymous, customizable member profiles (First name, last initial, email address, city, country and grade are the only demographic info we will collect)
  • Opportunities for young men to participate in "Ask Me Anything" live chats with the YMN Team each month.
  • School Leader dashboard and discussion forum with direct access to YMN team members, 7 days a week, to troubleshoot lessons and get advice on how to manage and mentor the boys.

Read more about the curriculum below:


  • Managing EmotionsWhy do I get angry sometimes?
  • Clarifying Identity - How do I know what's right?
  • Finding Purpose - What's my reaction to issues/problems in the world?

Character Strengths

We always come back to the Five Essential Strengths but we'll focus on the following in more detail:

  1. Compassion For Others
  2. Courage Toward Peers
  3. Self-Discipline


The basic list of things to agree upon before the program begins. Each individual school group can add to this list as they see fit.

  1. No ego. - This isn't about competition or hierarchy, just brotherhood.
  2. No shame. - No need to feel ashamed or make another member feel ashamed. It's the quickest way to create anger in others and yourself.
  3. Compassion first. - Every interaction should come from a place of remembering our shared human experience.
  4. Encourage excellence.Compassionately push your fellow members to open up, face their problems, and have the courage to grow.
  5. Speak your anger; don’t act on it. - If you're angry, it's probably because underneath you're sad, scared or ashamed. Talk about that rather than lashing out.
  6. Try to explain what makes you sad. - Although it's hard, talking this out will lead to growth and a shared bond between those who hear you.

Tentative Topics Outline:

  1. What Does Success Look Like to You?
  2. Boys in the 21st Century - Stats, Trends and (Supposedly) Dire Predictions
  3. The Big Four: School, Male Friends, Girls, Parents - What frustrates you? What confuses you?
  4. Compassion - What It Is & How To Cultivate It
  5. Compassion’s Connection to Contentment & Happiness
  6. Freedom In a World That Doesn’t Trust You (Yet)
  7. Dealing with Parents
  8. What To Do About School When You May Not Like It?
  9. How Do I Know What's Right? - Intro to Morality With Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant and John Rawls
  10. Self-Control and Managing Anger
  11. Male friendship - Precious, Essential, but Potentially Fleeting
  12. Girls and Romantic Relationships - Managing Emotions in a World Where "Nice Guys Finish Last"
  13. Habits, Hobbies, and Managing Time
  14. True Strengths - What They Are, How to Uncover Them
  15. Understanding Purpose and The Meaningful Life

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