Boston City Councillor Makes Simple Change, Makes Tons of People Happy

Boston City Councillor Matt O'Malley

Every now and again humanity makes great progressive jumps forward. Some amazing individual or group of ambitious people finally connect the dots and push human innovation over the crest of yet another hill on the horizon.

Far more often, someone comes up with an astoundingly simple idea that addresses an obvious problem and we all think to ourselves in quiet appreciation, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

This week’s Everyday Badass comes in the form of a Boston city councillor who made the obvious choice to help the public feel better about visiting the city’s many green spaces.

Councillor Matt O’Malley is responsible for pitching the idea to install free sunscreen dispensers in Boston city parks. O’Malley’s proactive approach to addressing melanoma and other skin cancers has resulted in the city of Boston installing around 30 free sunscreen dispensers across the city. And while Boston isn’t known for suffering from an overabundance of sunny days, it is a nice surprise to see someone take action to solve an easily solvable problem. Hopefully this is a contagious idea that will quickly spread to other cities.

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