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To Pursue Happiness, Learn From Dogs

dog sitting outside

“Many schools [of sword fighting] teach a man cutting grip, a defensive grip, and a stabbing grip… this is false, there is only the one grip. I dislike fixedness in the grip. Fixedness is a dead hand. Pliability is a living hand.” – Miyamoto Mushashi, The Book of the Five Rings, 1645. Many people will attempt…

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Pursue Failure Aggressively

Do Not Fear Failure

As a young man, you’ll often hear “I hope you will succeed.” As you embark on most endeavors, you’ll be sent off with best wishes and good tidings. You’re told that things should go well, and even though they may take hard work, that they should proceed along well established routes, a secure progression towards…

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Manual Work Will Make You A Better Person (And Man)

Will Dawson, author

“Growing into an XY Chromosomal Pair in the 21st Century” Being a “man” today is an incredibly difficult goal to achieve. A sound argument can be made that this is one of the most difficult times to grow up as a man in history. Not because your life is difficult, I assure you, if you’re…

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