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Why Are You Obsessed With Getting Laid? No Seriously, WHY?

It’s not culture, stupid. It’s also not your ape genes driving you to have sex with everything in sight. Think harder. It’s that girl who made you so ashamed in middle school that you never got over it. It’s your mom never hugging you when you were growing up. It’s your dad smacking you in the…

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Am I being a dick if I get annoyed at my girlfriend?

My girlfriend often gets mad at things that I find petty or that I think don’t really matter. Is that me taking her for granted or is that her being unreasonable? – Anonymous, age 17 First off, “taking her for granted” and “being unreasonable” are not opposite ends of a spectrum, so be careful how you’re…

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No Girls Allowed… Yet.

Circle the wagons, gentlemen. Not against an external threat, like the idiom implies, but from an internal one: Your beliefs about yourself and others, especially women. Those beliefs need to change if you’re ever going to find “success” with them (whatever the hell that means, and be very careful how you’ve defined that). You’re not…

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