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Don’t Be Ashamed of Taking Antidepressants; They Changed My Life

Sad Faced Placard Man

I’m 38 years old (as of September 2017). I’ve been seeing a therapist every week since 2010 and I can safely say that I’m finally the man I always wanted to be largely because I’ve been in therapy. A big part of my transformation, however, has come because I’ve also taken antidepressant medication concurrently over…

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Tell Peyton Manning and Volkswagen: Dishonesty Always Catches Up To You

Peyton Manning

As the Peyton Manning and University of Tennessee sexual assault scandal continues to gather momentum after Super Bowl 50, I think it’s time we address a simple little law of living with other human beings in society: Dishonesty only works in the short-term.  It makes sense, and aren’t you glad of it? Try living amongst other people…

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A Quick Guide To “Having Integrity”


What does “having integrity” actually mean? I suspect you guys can’t answer that question very easily. Not to worry, because I imagine most adults much older than you can’t either. Dictionary definitions usually mention something to the effect of being honest and “firmly adhering to sound moral principles.” Wha? Let’s get practical here. It’s easy to…

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The Dalai Lama Reminds Us Sadness Never Really Goes Away

Everything is complicated in life. Everything. Which is why the Buddha’s first Noble Truth was “life is suffering.” Because either you admit that everything is extremely complicated, which means there’s no easy answers, and therefore you have to work really hard to live a life of meaning and quality (suffering) or you deny that this is the case, try to live as if everything was black and white, and then you find that it constantly backfires in your face and hurts people and yourself (suffering). There’s no way out…

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What Is Character?

compassion in a blizzard

Character, as we define it at Young Men’s Nation, means: Maximizing your potential while ensuring that you, and the world around you, are both caring and fair. That phrase covers a lot; more than most men will be able to even achieve in one lifetime. It’s not easy to pull off all of these things, but that’s…

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WaPo Journalist Smacks Childish NFL Players Upside The Head With Man Wisdom

Colby King Washington Post

Colbert I. King, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Washington Post, wrote a brief yet striking opinion piece this past Friday about why he’s not looking forward to the upcoming NFL football season.

What we loved was how this badass former everything (Army officer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department, Executive Director to the World Bank, and did we mention he won a Pulitzer?) just flat out took these young players to task for being unnecessarily narcissistic and immature.

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We Came As Romans Remind Us To Just Keep Searching

We Came As Romans at festival

I’m a fan of the metal, dudes, and also of bands who sing about the aspects of human existence that are complicated and require persistence to figure out. Enter We Came As Romans, a metalcore band from Michigan, with their song “Hope” off of their 2011 album Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be.  Here’s a link to…

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Thanks Nada Surf: Read These Five Words Any Time You’re Down

There’s a band called Nada Surf who had a couple of radio hits in the 90’s, including “Popular” that you may still hear once in a while on the radio or on some 90’s alternative rock playlist on Spotify. They kept soldiering on, though, and in 2004 released an album called “The Weight Is a Gift.” The weight is a…

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Run The Jewels Drop Man Knowledge On Relationships, Love

  Not only are Run The Jewels one of the most badass hip hop duos around right now, they’re two men who show us how to be masculine and confident while also being honest, vulnerable and caring. It’s totally possible, and we’re going to say that over and over at YMN until you finally get it. This…

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